50 Things

“I’ve got fifty things to do, but I’ll get back to you” – The Dead Milkmen

Welcome to 50 Things. If you want to know why(?) the list exists, read this long-winded Introduction. Promise I’ll wait.

The idea is to keep the “not started” list to ~50 at all times. As one gets accomplished, another will be added to maintain 50 things. In theory. It’s an imperfect science.

Some of these are stupid and small, but some are big and incredibly stupid. In many cases, I added something specific to spend more time with friends who are passionate (or at least knowledgeable) in the subject involved. In some cases, I added things I’ve done before, but my abilities (and/or confidence) have faded. It’s less important why and more important to strive for a more varied existence.

That’s about all the explanation I’ve got, so here’s the list (in no particular order). I’ll add as I go or people make compelling recommendations:

Hit a bull’s eye at dartsBuild a Home Improvement ProjectPogo stick 500 times
Go on a SafariBuy Something ImpracticalParticipate in a Scavenger Hunt
Visit Meow-WolfLearn to Solve a Rubik’s CubeGo to a Batting Cage
Use a Champagne SaberHike 14kerCrochet a scarf
Backflip on a
Corgi’s on the BeachGo to Medieval Times
Live and Recorded
Learn to play a song
on guitar
Bake a soufflé
Learn a card trickRead one of the
Attend a televised golf tournament
SkyslideRide the Bunker Hill
Get a mani-pedi
Attend an operaWatch a ‘top ten’
movie list
Go to a Resort
Go to a Tiki BarGo to an absurdly
large concert
Cactus to Clouds
Go to the Griffith
Complete the SoCal
Six-Pack of Peaks
Reconnect with long lost friend/Reach-out to stranger
Run a marathonJumprope 500 timesPerform a stand-up
Ride a unicycleHave lunch/dinner/drinks with 20 different
people (one at a time)
Hit a bull’s eye at
archery (standard distance?)
Hit a bull’s eye with a pistol (indoor range)Hit a bull’s eye with a
rifle (outdoor range)
Lasso a calf (rodeo)Drive a golf ball 220
Score a penalty against a professional goalkeeper (soccer) ?
Get a tattooRide a wheelie 500 feet on a bikeManual 10 dashed
lines on the LA
bikepath on a
Land a kick-flip (flat & on transition or bank)Get a motorcycle
Learn the ‘downtown’ on rollerskates
Make macaronsCreate an app and
release it on the apple store
Publish a book
Ride a mountain roller coasterGo on a Polar Bear
SCUBA certification
Organize a Food FightIndoor SkydiveLa Brea Tar Pits
training session
(archeological dig)
Bungee JumpVisit the Bonneville
Salt Flats
See the K-T Boundary
Visit a ghost town
Fly in a gliderSee the Northern
Lights (from Yellowknife?)
Jewel Cave
(South Dakota)
Visit the Antelope
Valley Indian Museum
Visit Richland Farms (Compton) – Closed?
Sleep No More
(Immersive theater/
New York)
Stay at Willow’s Inn
(Lummi Island)
Visit Vancouver Island
Create a card gameWork a Harvest
Visit Channel Island
Glissade down a
snowy mountain
Hike to Bridge to
Nowhere (San Gabriel Mountains)
Stay at an Ice Hotel
Participate in the Man Versus Horse race
(Prescott, AZ)
Take the Boulder Dam TourParticipate in a “Lumberjack Days” event
Participate in a Renaissance FaireParticipate in a Gathering of the JuggalosVolunteer at a Food Bank
Eat at Restaurant specializing in unfamiliar cuisineAttend a Convention for something unknownMake a Halloween outfit
Go Rock ClimbingAttend an Orchestra performance