Bullseye at Darts

To start any todo list, it’s always good to have some ‘filler’ items, things that you can knock-off easily to get an early W and build momentum. That was the thought behind this first list item.

List item: Hit a bullseye at darts

I’m no dart player. I have about as much practice as I do playing horseshoes. Which is not much. Still, I figured even a broken clock is right twice a day and by merely attempting enough throws, I’d be bound to hit a bulls eye. The question was, “how many attempts would it take before luck (read: happenstance) grant me a bullseye?”. The answer was 91. Why drag this out any longer than need be?

This is success…?

This turned out to be another one of those tasks that took longer to plan than to execute. Ended up ordering a dart board and darts, then spent half an hour finding a place to install it in our overcrowded garage (settled on a piece of spare 5/8″ drywall greenboard for the backing), being sure to measure regulation height (5’8″ to center) and throwing line (7’9 1/4″ from the board). Using the 15 darts (5 teams of 3 I guess?), I filmed 6 attempts. Hitting pay-dirt on the first throw of the 7th round. Magic number 91.

If real life has taught me anything about darts it is that I could have definitely reduced that number considerably if I’d been drinking pints of beer. Especially that magical quotient: 2 beers = skills elevated, confidence peaked, swagger in full / 3 beers = “what are these arms for?”

Now I’m sure the dart board will be relegated to collecting dust, an oft forgotten time waster. Every object of want becomes jetsam eventually. Let that be a life lesson!

Difficulty: braindead easy

Lessons learned:

  • Take an Easy Win – One of the things people advise when you’re in the throes of a depressive state is that you should do something easy as a step forward, something that doesn’t require much effort (because effort is a huge obstacle in this state). Do the dishes or something of the like. Something to get momentum. Same thing with a life list. Start with something small and obtainable.
  • Persistence outweighs skill – It’s the 10,000 monkeys and keyboards principle incarnate. Even if it took 400 throws, I’m confident I would have accomplished this. But let’s face it, if it took over 400 throws, I would have probably tossed the whole thing into the trash and switched to horseshoes.
  • Don’t forget to use what you have – After all the trash talk I made about never using the dart board again, we have used it quite a bit. Playing ‘real’ darts can be intimidating though, so we started playing a different game- I used an old whiteboard to create a matrix, a cell for each number on the board 1-20 and a space for player names. The game is the first person to hit each of the numbers on the board wins. It’s basically the ‘persistence outweighs skill’ principle in game form. My daughter and I play it every now and again, we have played with my dad, even one Thanksgiving with a few friends over. This modified game has made the board get way more use. Now to make-up modified rules for all the other unused crap in the house.