Food with People

Since starting this list was a way for me to break out of my comfort zone, it seems strange to omit the one thing that has always been most troubling for my enjoyment of life: social anxiety. The thing about social anxiety is that when I tell people I experience it, they all say a variant on the same theme, “but you’re so comfortable around people!” What they don’t understand is that this is due to practice. The truth is that it is not (usually) about the actual interaction. The struggle is getting there. The ‘spin-out’ period is when I’m getting ready to go do something and I’m looking for any and every excuse to not go. When I’m playing conversations in my head as if constructing the future, exhausting possibilities and looking for trouble spots. The flip side is that we are all social creatures and research shows time and time again that social interaction in any form is a net positive. I know I’m more content when I have an active social life, but I still exert so much effort in avoiding it.

List Item: Have food with 20 people (not all at the same time)

I should probably change this to be something like “20 people I’ve never had one-on-one conversations with before”, but that could get complicated. Let’s just start with ‘people’ and I’ll give myself extra credit for anyone new.

Needs to be updated. People I have connected with: Gerry D, Andy A/Chris A, Jon P & Jeanette L, Adalbert K & Chee L, Erin P, Chris H/Jason F/Dave P, Kaley C/Dayla K, Joe S (hike), Tahni S/Beth W, Drew M, Dylan T, Ethan M, Becky G, Dave S, Stephanie W, Rocky S, Ben K, Anna B, Michael L…