Go to Corgis on the Beach

This is one that Sylvia, my wife, has been wanting to go to since she first heard about it. It’s a day when owners of the Corgi dog breed (the ones with the tiny stub legs) get together… you guessed it… on the beach. There’s an event coming up on October 26th in Huntington Beach and we’re planning on going.

List Item: go to ‘Corgis on the Beach’

October 26th Update: Today was the day. We drove down to Huntington, scrambled for parking, and discovered a whole new world- one where dogs have tiny legs and their owners have to carry them a lot.

Corgi in a backpack (common sight)

There were a LOT of people and dogs at the HB Dog Beach for today’s event. The web site makes mention that 1200 corgis were expected to be there, a record-setting number. I didn’t count, so let’s just go with it.

Total headcount = “lots”

It was a great day for lounging at the beach and swimming in the ocean. High eighties with the sun absolutely blistering. Many a Corgi were just panting in whatever shade they could find. I was warm and I wasn’t wearing a fur coat (forgot to pack one). Plus, for each step I take, a Corgi needs to take 10. I don’t know the caloric burn rate is for a Corgi, but my guess is that it must be up near hummingbird status. Wish there was Corgi nectar bowls shaped like fire hydrants everywhere. Enough of my fever dreams, bring on the pictures!

Our neighbors: Eeyore and Dobby (unclear which is which)

Great day, fun was had by all. There was a doggie costume contest, plenty of dog-related vendors as well as human food, a carnival-like atmosphere, and super friendly people. All of that, but we didn’t last more than a couple hours. The hot sun, chilled water, and non-stop smiling was exhausting.

Non-Corgis were welcome, too. Ruby made friends with this 6-month-old Samoyed

Difficulty: Moderate as you’d need to live near both beaches and lots of Corgis. It was a long drive, but the cute dogs everywhere doing cute things more than made up for it.

Lessons Learned:

  • Expectation builds excitement – In retrospect, I was a grumpy kid. I’ve apologized to my parents many a time, but I was a grumpy teen who couldn’t be bothered to show any excitement at all around adults. I see the same trait in my daughter and it worries me. I tell her that it will only lead to missing out, but the other part about being a grumpy kid is that you won’t be caught dead listening to your parents. Even now it’s easy for me to fall into sullen repose as I grumble about changes of plans or things I’d rather be doing. To combat this, I try to REALLY get into things. For Corgis on the beach, I had Sylvia, Ruby, and I pick-out Corgi themed T-shirts special for the day. We wore them proudly.
  • Say it out loud to remember better – I only recently learned that I have a certain disorder where I don’t remember joy. That is, I HAVE fun, but I don’t remember having fun. That particular electrochemical reaction just doesn’t register properly when my brain dredges up memories. I read an article about this and one of the bits of advice was to tell yourself- out loud- that you are enjoying things. This apparently works because the way our memories work can be different when vocalization/hearing are involved. I find it works. Throughout the day there on Corgi Beach I was saying things like, “this is great” and “I can’t believe how much fun we’re having” and it worked both to keep me present AND I remember those moments of joy better.