Learn a Card Trick

A co-worker of mine once took some classes at the Magic Castle in Hollywood (tangential side note: he took those classes with his father, which he said was a good bonding experience) where he learned some good up-close card tricks. He also walked around 100% of his day holding a deck of cards, practicing his shuffles, fingering, and sleight of hand. It was both admirable that he was so dedicated to the craft, but also kind of annoying because we work in a (semi) professional office environment.

I only relay that story because this is another one of those cases where I’m only willing to go so far. I don’t fool myself into thinking I’m going to be *great* at any of the things I have on this list. That’s certainly not the point. I haven’t the time nor inclination to devote the 10,000 hours its supposed to take to elevate to that level. I admire people who do, but they almost certainly wouldn’t have the experience to direct a video game, so I’d say we’re even.

For this list item, I did some youtubing and found the easiest beginner card trick I could. One might not even consider it a trick, but it works and I did it. In the video below I tried doing it for the camera, but it’s kind of hard to see (and super sloppy), so I also performed it for my daughter, to get her reaction. It didn’t disappoint. It’s the type of thing that must thrill magicians. I’m going to keep at this one and try to learn more (now that I have a fancy set of cards), but will call this one done in the meantime.