Learn to Ride a Unicycle

There’s no deep backstory here. Have I alway admired and looked on in awe at people who can ride unicycles? No. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite, unicycle riders occupy the same stylistic territory in my mind of those who wear untilikilts, or wear leather cell phone holsters. A smidge less cool, in fact. Did I always dream of riding a unicycle to fight crime? Not so much.

Just thinking about things that seem doable with some practice, riding a unicycle just seems… natural. My balance is pretty good and picking-up a unicycle isn’t bank busting. Hell, if you believe what you hear on YouTube (spoiler: you shouldn’t), it’s an attainable goal within a few hours.

So, on a fine Saturday, Ruby and I ventured out to our local bike shop and bought an adult-sized unicycle. Here’s a video of the first ever attempt at riding it:


And below is a video taken a month later. I tried maybe a dozen times that first weekend, then put it away for visitors, travels, more time at work, etc. Tried again this weekend and this was the fourth or fifth try?


The biggest challenge with this list item is that I don’t practice much because of embarrassment. It’s two-fold: 1) as mentioned above, I don’t have high regard for unicycle riding. 2) Looking silly while learning is never something I put on display in real life. Clearly this is the thing I really need to overcome. Next step: start practicing on the street in front of my house. Risk looking silly or failing in front of an audience that does not care (the ones who, in my mind, are staring out their windows and laughing).