Pogo-Stick 500 times

In the summer of 2018, my family and I were up north visiting my dad. Ruby, y daughter, noticed he had a pogo stick. Not just any pogo stick, mind you, an adult sized pogo stick. It had been a present from my mom to my dad, a way for him to play more with the grandkids many years back. It had been years since he’d used it, though. He’s over 70 now and while still incredibly healthy and agile, pogo-sticking seems an unnecessary risk. Ruby and I went outside and tried it. She’s not heavy enough to make the spring depress, so she didn’t get much out of it, but she was mildly impressed that I could do it for so long. Having not tried a pogo stick in years (decades?), it nonetheless came pretty naturally. I guess like a bike, you never forget how to pogo-stick. 

List Item: Hop 500 times on a pogo-stick in one go

Fast forward to creating my ’50 Things’ list, I arbitrarily picked “hop 500 times on a pogo stick”, likely while remembering this encounter. Meanwhile, Ruby added a pogo stick (one more her size) to her birthday wishlist and her uncle Matt, aunt Kim, and cousins Luke and Brooke got one for her. She went from barely hopping three times the first try to 16 in a few minutes. The next day she did 116. By the third day, her record was 471! She was bound to hit 500 before I even got a chance to try. Meanwhile, I asked my dad if I could borrow his adult-sized pogo stick and his packaged it up along with a note saying this was not borrowing, it was now “my problem”. By the time it arrived, Ruby had become busy with other things, but she was still confident enough to challenge me to a pogo stick off. Here’s how that went down. This was the very first time I tried, out of the box:


That’s right. First try. Man, I wish they were all that easy. I’ll take the win.

Difficulty: Easy, though finding an adult-sized pogo-stick could be an expensive option. 

Lessons Learned: 

  • Competition can be motivating – While the actual jumping was straight forward, it was physically taxing. My feet hurt, my legs got rub-burned, I ended-up developing a blister on each hand. Had Ruby not been there, frankly talking a bit of trash, I might have given up and tried again later.
  • Borrowing is a cheaper alternative – When picking a skill or craft-based item, see if you can borrow the equipment instead of purchasing. It’s a more affordable option. In my case, I now have to store TWO pogo-sticks that now get no use.