Run a Marathon

This was one of the ‘obvious’ ones to make the list and the first one I took on due to its “all encompassing” nature. Training for a marathon takes months and takes a toll, physically. I put off all the other “50 things” that could possibly throw me off the training I’d need. I signed-up for a marathon that would take place on February, 3rd

Started on September 7th, 2018. Went for a three mile jog along the LA river. For the first several weeks, I did a good job of keeping track of things:

It all started fine…


The first couple months went fairly well. But then I got hit by stabbing pain in my right knee that ended being ITBS. Every time I’d run, I’d hit around 4 miles and the stabbing pain would come back, regardless of the amount of stretching I’d perform. So I started going to a sports masseur who would roll that IT band which was excruciating, but seemed to help. I ran 16 miles along the east bay while we were up visiting family.

But then things took a turn for the worse. A friend once told me that in order to complete a marathon, four things needed to be aligned to ensure success: you need to be at peak training, you need to be physically well, your support system needs to be ready, and the weather needs to cooperate. Well… in January, my wife’s father flew to Hungary for heart surgery and she went to help him out. When she returned, she needed to spend a lot of time with her family. This meant that I had to single-parent for most of that month, throwing my training out the window. I still manager to do the 20-mile prep run, but then my left knee developed the stabbing pain of ITBS. It had taken me months to get past this on my right knee, so I was doubtful. But I didn’t cancel. I figured if I could get through the first half-marathon without knee pain, I could muscle through (even if it meant stopping every half mile to stretch). Besides, at very least, my family could have a nice holiday at a beach-front resort… but then the forecast revealed rain on race day. Did I mention February 3rd is my wife’s birthday? Well, it is. And taking her to spend a rainy day while I pursue this stupid checklist item was a dick move. So I officially canceled the week before the event.

I’m going to keep this one on the list because I think I could get to the point that I can run the distance if I can figure out this ITBS junk.