Visit Meow Wolf

This is another destination that we’d been hearing about for a while and wanted to check out. We ended-up planning a 9-day, 2,700+ mile road trip to round out the summer with Meow Wolf in mind.

If you are unfamiliar with Meow Wolf, the internet can explain it better than I can. Better yet, you can watch the documentary called, Meow Wolf: Origin Story. In it you’ll hear about George RR Martin buying a vacant bowling alley for the installation (to be accurate, this page should be called, “visit the House of Eternal Return”).

Obligatory selfie with sign shot

We went out to Albuquerque to meet some friends and they ended-up coming up to Santa Fe to go to the installation with us. I don;t have a lot to say about it. It’s as unique as you’d expect and This one got a easy check off the list…

Kids with dog.
Circular light room
Resting in a creepy nook
Fighting over cake
The Meow Wolf concert event space