House Stuff

Trash collection (Put out Monday night)

Trash is picked up Tuesday mornings, so we put out the cans Monday night. Line them up in front of the truck and be sure to keep a couple feet of space between them because we got an angry note from the trash man when we first moved in and put them right next to each other.

Fire Extinguishers

We have three locations where you can find a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency:

  1. A standard/wood fire extinguisher is on the wall next to the garage/entry door.

2) A grease/chemical fire extinguisher can be found just inside the pantry, next to the dog food

3) One of each type can be found on the deck, in the cabinet below the sink

Upstairs remotes

The upstairs entertainment system doesn’t always handshake its HDMI connections properly, so while you should only need to use the small silver AppleTV remote to power on the system, it sometimes results in a black screen. If this is the case, use the receiver remote (with the 9 white buttons at the top) and select SAT/CATV to switch the input to live TV and then back to BD/DVD to watch anything on AppleTV (all the streaming apps) or, keep it on SAT/CATV to watch live television (use the Tivo remote to change channels in that case).

Downstairs remotes

The downstairs receiver situation is a little easier than upstairs, but somehow also involves way too many remote controls. The main remote is for the tv and you can use the input select to go from live TV (top entry on the input selection menu) and AppleTV (HDMI 1).

Downstairs Lights

Simple enough, but the downstairs lights are controlled first by the light switch and then each individual fan/light can also be controlled by individual remote controls found on the nightstands on each side of the bed.


For some reason my video isn’t uploading, but I sent it to you last time. The thermostat can be changed by rotating the controller on the wall. You should also have access on the Google Home app if you set that up (not sure if there will be security hoops to jump through).


Below is a quick overview of the washer and dryer. The main unusual thing is that detergent (found in the cabinet above the washer) is added in the pull-out tray on the upper left side of the machine. The washer doesn’t need much detergent, only up to the #2 fill line or so.


We had to cut down a giant cluster of bananas from a tree that collapsed under the weight. We don’t know if they will properly mature/ripen, but they are hung up under the deck and you should keep your eye open for yellowing. If they do mature/ripen, you will have roughly a week to eat all of them (and/or distribute them) before they start going overripe. There are a few more clusters still in trees around the yard, so if you see any yellowing, you can cut them down using the machete in the shed. If you can find a place to hang them, you could cut sections of the rope the current bananas are hanging on.