Let’s Build a Pool

Through a fortuitous set of events, we were able to purchase the empty lot next to ours. It gave me the idea to put up and above ground pool as we’ve always wanted to have some water to cool off in when the LA heatwaves make going outside otherwise unbearable. I found a good sized one (12’x24’x52″ deep) and comes with a pump designed to use salt water. The only problem: we live on a hillside and with nearly 80,000 pounds of water involved, above ground pools need flat ground. The only logical solution was for me to excavate a flat spot large enough to support the pool, plus extra space to make room for the pool leg supports and pump. I targeted 16’X28′ and started digging. With a pick, shovel, and wheel burrow, I would go out after work and on weekends for a few hours at a time and chip away at it. Filling the wheel burrow, then dumping the dirt around the property, terraforming the lot in the process. Once the pool was up, I decided to build a L-shape deck around two sides, added a deck ladder to replace the janky A-frame ladder the pool came with, and a railing/gate solution to keep the dog out (Sylvia & Ruby just let him in anyway).

One thing I neglected to do while putting up the pool was to put supports under the legs. As a result, they started to sink under the weight of the water and the entire thing was slowly sinking, becoming less level over the summer. At the bottom of the gallery below, you’ll see the work I’m currently doing to level the area with sand, adding pavers for the legs, and gravel everywhere else to prevent muddy feet getting back in the pool after retrieving whatever toy gets tossed out while frolicking. So much frolicking.