Other Pool Stuff

Connect to Bluetooth Speaker

To connect to the bluetooth speaker at the pool, you’ll need to turn them on by finding the power button on the speaker closest to the house. Lean over the short wall and power it on, then select “Pyle Audio” from your list of bluetooth devices.

Flush the pool area Toilet

The toilet tent houses RV toilet that is handy for when you have to go! However, it’s for pee only- no solids. To flush, pull out the handle at the front of the seat to open the hole to the bottom section, then pull up on the handle to the left and press down gently to pump out the flushing water/cleaner. Once done with the flush, push the handle back in to close the hole.

Pool Lights on/off

If you ever want to night swim or just hangout down there when lights would be nice, the button to turn them on is to the right of the maintenance area and is the same type as the deck lights.

Blowing off debris

Because I built the pool under a giant pine tree, the entire area gets covered in needles and seed pods. To combat this, I try to use the blower we have to blow off the deck and carpet area occasionally. I leave the blower on the railing and just charged the battery, but if you ever need to charge it, there is an extension cord outside my office project and a charger inside. Use the house key to get inside.