Let’s Build a Deck

In 2010, a couple years after finishing the house, we decided that it was too difficult to get down into our backyard and that one solution would be to build a deck. So we worked with our structural engineer to design something that would hold a lot of people (it’s calculated to support 150lbs per square foot) in case we were to entertain, and to minimize the support pillars (because we wanted a long, unbroken span to look clean). We then worked with Scooter to build the damn thing. Additional help came from Cosmo Segurson and Zach Adams (who helped move the enormous gluelam beam down the hill and into place as the primary support/fascia), and our neighbor, Shawn Keltner who spent several days helping apply decking material. One note: we decided to use under mounted ipe wood and boy did we burn through saw blades and drillbits. The density of that wood is not a joke.